Interactive WYSIWYG code snippet editors

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View your site on different devices

HubSpot Device lab.


Normally, delete actions trigger a confirmation dialog. We’re not huge fans of this. It assumes that the user is wrong, and it means an extra click for the user. We prefer to think the user is right (but still has the option to cancel). We thought up this fun new interaction.


A Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet

For every site that uses Typekit, they produce a colophon that gives you the name of the font, a specimen, and other helpful information. Unfortunately for us, not everyone links to their colophon. I know, right?

That’s where my Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet comes in. After adding it to your bookmark toolbar, all you do is click and it will open the site’s colophon. If the site doesn’t use Typekit (lame-o’s), it’ll pop up a little alert to let you know.

A Typekit Colophon Bookmarklet — Capn Design.


Bountysource – crowdfunding for OSS projects. “Improve the open-source projects you love by creating and collecting bounties!”

What can I do for Mozilla

What can I do for Mozilla, an interactive site for matching your tech skills with Mozilla’s needs.